Who am I you ask? I often ask myself that, too. I’ll start by who I was. I was your typical overweight person. In 2012, I weighed 297 pounds. I was out of shape, to say the least, and on the road to an early grave. I was depressed and an emotional wreck. I had no ambition to change, until one day I literally woke up and decided to change! People to this day still ask me, what was the pivotal turning point in your journey? And to be honest, I can’t tell you other than I was sick, tired, and feed up with myself. So what changed?

EVERYTHING! Let me repeat that again, e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. I started with a simple goal: run a 5k. If you had told me what that goal would manifest itself into, I would have been done right then and there. So, I started C25K, and for the next 3 months trained. I went from being out of commission for 1 week after trying to run .10 miles, to running my first 5k in 32 mins. A meek 32 mins, but it was the best feeling the world!

Since then, my love/hate relationship with running has grown immensely. I ran my first half marathon 9 months into running, and my first marathon a year later. After my 2nd marathon, I became bored of the roads and marathon running. The constant pounding of the roads and and mind numbing nature of being lost in a concrete jungle. I turned my attention to the trials. I had no experience trail running, but was ready for a challenge. I started with a 50k in April of 2016, and that turned to be a 100 mile goal. In 2016, I ran 6 ultras including my first 50 miler. When I say everything changed for me, I mean everything!

Through running, I have also developed a passion for photography. Being out on the trails, has taught me to look and find the beauty of nature all around. All the photos I post here have been taken by me, unless I give credit to the person who captured it. Running photography is especially amazing! I get to be out there to support my friends, and capture all the epic journeys unfolding. I’ve learned that we all come to trails with to battle our own demons. And being able to capture someone’s raw emotion as they do that is an awesome experience.

I consider myself an average Joe when it comes to running. I hope this blog inspires you to get out there and find your passion in life. Whether that’s running or just simply being some where that makes you feel whole, I hope that something I write will inspire you to find that. My motto is: the glass is always half full! Follow me on my journey through the ultra world, where I can promise you ups, downs, and everything in between!


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