You Won’t Know Unless You Try

This is going to be a quick update post. For the last 1.5 months with another 5 weeks still to come, I have been in PT for what I thought was going to be a simple hamstring strain. However, It’s been anything but simple. I have fallen from being able to easily complete 40-50 mile weeks with relatively no issue to barely being able to eek out a 5k today. I have dealt with the lows of not being able to run for over a month. I have had to give myself numerous pep talks through out the weeks to keep my sanity. I have had to drop a race, and consider dropping another one, and even worst consider dropping my entire year.

This was supposed to be a big year for me. Western States 100 qualification and my first 100 miler, but its been far from ideal or wanted. Through the weeks of PT, I have learned a lot. I’ve discovered a the importance of stretching, icing, and strengthening my body. I’ve learned how important bio mechanics are to my sport. I have gained a new appreciation for learning to rest. I have learned there are times to trust experts, but more importantly there are times when you need to trust yourself. All the research in the world can tell you something is not good for you, but each person is different and what works for an entire statistical population may not work for that one person. This was my biggest mistake. I stopped doing yoga because someone who I trusted as an expert said yoga for runners was not good. Well maybe for some it isn’t, maybe based on the research that person has done, but for me and knowing my body and how it works, it is the best thing I can do. This was a mistake, but a lesson well learned.

I was considering dropping my next 50 miler. I have 2 months to train for a 50 miler, then a 70.5 miler 1 month later, which is my qualifier for WS 100. I have 13 hours to do the 50 miler and I have to go sub 20 for the 70.5 miler. These are both difficult races, with Laurel High Lands 70.5 miler being the most difficult race I have attempted to date. I confided in my running partner and good friend, and her is what she told me: “you won’t know until you try.” Simple, honest, and frightening advice.

Facing the most adversity I have had to face so far, I am attempting all my races this year. It will be hard, there will be and have been many low points, and I am completely in the dark on this, BUT I wont know what I can do until I try. I began my ultra journey looking for limits, and it seems I am starting to find them. But you know what? I am fueled by those limits because I will break through all of them. Maybe not this year, but in time I will get over the walls. There are some dark days on the horizon, but through dark, you find light that will guide you through. Trust in your journey and trust in yourself.



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