Quick Updates

So a few updates that I just want to get out to everyone real quick.

First, in my regular fashion, I have moved the date of my first 50k up to this Saturday of course! On a whim, I have decided to run North Face Endurance Challenge 50k. I am excited to finally get my first ultra done! I have trained hard, and really taken the steps to make sure everything goes well. I am now completing 4 ultras this year, maybe another one…

This brings me to my next update: I have started to work with a nutritionist in order to really focus in on a key aspect of running, eating. I learned my lesson with my last marathon, and I promised I would change that. I am working with Lauren Schafer from Live-Full, its been awesome! In a few sessions, she has really helped me hone in on some key issues with my diet. I am excited to continue working with her, and taking my training the another level. We are already focusing on my pre-race diet, so I know I will definitely be ready for a 50k.

Finally, I have been asked to contribute regularly to Charm City Run’s running blog! Their website is http://www.charmcityrun.com/blog. I am so excited for this opportunity! In my posts I will be focusing on trail running specifically giving pointers and trying to bring some different character to their content. The other contributors are mostly road runners, so hopefully I can offer the readers a different perspective of running. Check out my first post here: http://www.charmcityrun.com/blog/2016/3/29/from-the-road-to-the-trails-finding-and-loving-trail-running.

That’s all for now. Keep running happy!

Average Joe Trail Runner.




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