A good friend of mine recently queried her social followers about inspirational running quotes. In response to her, I couldn’t think of a particular quote, but what immediately came mind were two mantras that keep me running.

The first is “keep moving.” This is the one I keep in my back pocket for when I am in a dark place. It reminds me to focus on the task at hand: moving. One of the best pieces of advice I offer to anyone who is considering running a marathon and beyond is running is about 30% physicality and 70% mental. In long distance, endurance running, you are you own worst enemy. Your body and mind will try to get you to stop by all means possible. The mind is evil and can come up with some pretty crazy ways of getting you to stop. I often will chant “keep moving” at this point. It reminds me to get out of my own head, put one foot in front of the other, and to keep going. Next thing I know I am moving and running again.

The next is “the process.” This is more of a way of life than a mantra, but I still want to discuss the meaning of this. Every runner has their good times and bad times. This reminds me that good days will happen, and will be awesome! However, bad days are going to happen, too. They will suck, and they will be hard to overcome. You think you are doing everything right and feel like you are giving your all just to feel bad. But you can’t let them drag you down. You get back on the old dusty trail and you keep moving forward (see how these coincide!). This mantra reminds me that my journey is going to be filled with ups and downs. I am going to have ride out the downs and enjoy the ups.

Always find a few mantras that work for you. Every runner should have a few as they are pillars to your success. Without them, you can crumble and break into pieces. But with them, you can overcome anything that life may throw your way.

What are your favorite running mantras?


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